Straus Certified Food Manufacturer

Straus Family Creamery Recognized as California’s First Certified Green Food Manufacturer


We couldn’t possibly have found a better candidate to test out the California Green Business Network’s new standards for Food Manufacturers than Straus Family Creamery in Marshall, CA. Straus is known not only for their organic, locally-sourced dairy products but for their values and innovation as well. Founded by organic farmer Albert Straus in 1994, Straus Family Creamery produces organic milk, cream, butter, yogurt and ice cream through a mission-driven business model that supports a thriving relationship among farms, food, people, and the earth.

As Straus has grown over the last 24 years, they have constantly found ways to reduce their environmental impact. The wastewater from the manufacturing operation is captured and transported a short distance to the Straus Dairy Farm*, where it’s used in the methane digester that generates energy to power the farm. But its journey doesn’t end there, after that the wastewater is either used for irrigation or as flush water for the barns. Operating since 2004, the methane digester provides enough renewable energy to power the entire dairy farm, charge Albert’s electric car, feed truck and other farm vehicles.

Straus Cows Enjoying Sunshine and Fresh Air

Since the company’s origin, Straus has crafted certified organic cream-top milk in reusable glass bottles, which are returned to the Creamery and reused an average of five times – this preserves the integrity of the product and diverts waste from landfills. At the Creamery, Straus purchases 100% renewable electricity from non-polluting, Green-e Energy certified wind and solar power sources in California through its partnership with MCE Clean Energy’s Deep Green Renewable Program. The transition to renewable energy has decreased its operational greenhouse gas footprint by 20% annually. Gaining recognition as California’s first Certified Green Food Manufacturer was a logical next step for a company that has a deep commitment to supporting a dairy farm system that is both environmentally friendly and economically viable. Since their headquarters in Petaluma had already been certified through our Office/Retail standards, the Straus sustainability team were familiar with the certification process and eager to extend it to their manufacturing operations.

“As an organic dairy farmer and business owner, I’ve always been committed to practical solutions like our reusable glass bottle program and water conservation initiatives that make an immediate impact. We continue to innovate with new and longer-term solutions with our zero-waste programs to carbon-free energy and electric vehicle usage,” said Albert Straus, founder and CEO of Straus Family Creamery.

Straus’ efforts don’t end with the new certification. They are moving toward their goal of an all-electric fleet and looking for opportunities to incorporate solar thermal systems into their operations. While working toward achieving zero-waste certification, they are also seeking to support sustainability efforts at the nine local family farms that supply Straus with organic milk.

We are proud to have Straus Family Creamery as the first Certified Green Food Manufacturer in California. Straus exceeds our program standards in several areas and continues to serve as a leader, innovator, and ambassador for the Green Business Program here in Marin County and beyond.

Learn more at StrausFamilyCreamery.comFacebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

*Straus Dairy Farm is one of nine certified organic dairies in Marin and Sonoma Counties that supply organic milk to Straus Family Creamery.

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