green business


a new revolution


Go Green because you choose life. Go Green because the choices we make today affect our options tomorrow. Green business certification lets folks know that your business cares about a cleaner, more equitable future.

California Green Business Network and Bay Area Organization of Black Owned Businesses are collaborating to introduce Black-owned businesses to the strongest benefits of Green Business certification and assist in the certification process. Green practices, such as reducing waste, conserving energy, and minimizing pollution are easy to set in place and translate to cost savings, customer loyalty and community well being.

The Green Business certification distinguishes your business at a time when people are making lots of new choices as they return from a pandemic.

That’s why green certification is even more important today. And the team at CAGBN is on hand with support, tools, and resources to help. Plus, the member benefits like discounts on green cleaning supplies, free swap outs, and coordinated rebates. And don’t forget the marketing and advertising campaigns that include your business.

Get started with your certification application. Once received, we’ll reach out to set up a short consult. And then you’re on your way! 

The first, or Efficiency, level certification is a great fit for most small businesses. It’s a short process, it’s good for the environment and sends a message to customers who care and helps attract new customers, too.