California Green Business Network Becomes 1% for the Planet Partner

The California Green Business Network is proud to join 1% for the Planet’s roster of non-profits working for environmental good. CAGBN leads the state and nation in working with small to medium-sized businesses to grow a vibrant and healthy green economy. Led by a coalition of cities and counties, Green Business Programs contribute to more livable communities with healthier environments, while conserving resources and saving businesses money. 

1% for the Planet brings “…dollars and doers together to accelerate smart environmental giving.” Business members are connected with high-impact nonprofits like the California Green Business Network. Many of the 4,000+ certified Green Businesses are also 1% for the Planet members, making this a perfect partnership. CAGBN looks forward to encouraging more Green Businesses to join 1% for the Planet!

“We are thrilled to be recognized as a leader in helping small to medium-sized businesses reduce their environmental footprint and improve their bottom line.” – Jo Fleming, Executive Director, California Green Business Network

About 1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet is a global organization that connects dollars and doers to accelerate smart environmental giving. We recognize that the current level of environmental giving – only 3% of total philanthropy – is not enough to solve the most pressing issues facing our planet.

Through our business and individual membership, 1% for the Planet inspires people to support environmental organizations through annual membership and everyday actions. We advise on giving strategies, we certify donations, and we amplify the impact of the network. We hope you’ll join us!

About the California Green Business Network

The California Green Business Network helps local businesses conserve energy, water, minimize waste, prevent pollution, and shrink their carbon footprints through a voluntary certification available statewide.

4,000+ certified California Green Businesses combined to achieve some impressive environmental outcomes in 2019:

        • Over 400,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions reduced, the equivalent of planting over 20,000 urban acres of trees a year for ten years.
      • Enough kilowatt-hours saved to power over 25,000 houses for an entire year.
        • 100,000 metric tons of waste diverted from the landfill, almost 15,000 garbage trucks worth of waste eliminated.
        • 249,000,000 gallons of water saved – a lot of toilets and showerheads folks!
        • Over 20,000 gallons of hazardous waste were eliminated.
      • $18 million dollars in utility bill savings.

View the metrics at greenbusinessca.org/metrics.

Learn about the California Green Business Network, how to become a Green Business, or where you can support Green Businesses near you at greenbusinessca.org.